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Trinity Breath

Activate Your Lifeforce

Trinity Breath is a simple yet powerful kundalini pranayama (breathwork) technique to awaken lifeforce within you, stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands, awaken the nervous system, shift your physiology to alignment and help you feel good!

This quick mini-training is available as a video and audio so you can just press PLAY and do this easily every day. Easy for beginners and a wise complement to any advanced student.

Breathwork is a subtle yet POTENT way to make massive changes in your physiology if you do it regularly.


  • Trinity Breath Video
  • Trinity Breath Audio


Sound Alchemy

Sound Alchemy is one of the most powerful ways to Heal, Create, Manifest + Protect.

Sound, used properly, can protect the self from negative vibrations in the world of form. Learn to use mantra to build your radiant lightbody, stimulate your lifeforce, and generate a forcefield around you, as well as intensify your desired manifestations.


Tone the sound, following along with the audio. Toning means taking an inhale, and on the exhale, extending the VOWEL sound.

Try this for 3 minutes, 11 minutes, 31 minutes, or even longer. Think you can't do it that long? You can! And if you do, you will be rewarded as lifeforce and harmonics cascade with power through your entire system!

Try it and be renewed.


  • Ra Ma Da Sa Original Recording
  • Para Vach Original Recording

Para Vach

Para Vach is the original primal sound of Creation. It refers to the union of the First Light and First Sound. It corresponds to the "Music of the Spheres", the HU of the Sufi's, the "Fohat" of Buddhism.

It is the sound of Creation.

Toning Para Vach is a powerful experience. This may be the first recording of Para Vach on the internet despite this being an ancient mantra, created by Fallenbutnotdown. We suggest toning it for a minimum of 21 minutes per day, every day, while visualising what you want to create and simultaneously feeling gratitude at your heart. Let this powerful vibratory joy ripple through the totality of you and re-arrange your life to align with Freedom, Sovereignty and Love.

Ra Ma Da Sa

Ra Ma Da Sa is a mantra used traditionally in Kundalini Yoga. This original recording brings the power of each sound to inspire you.

Inhale and on the exhale, tone the sounds, extending the vowel sounds. Take a breath when you need to. Chant for 21 minutes a day minimum. Visualise a forcefield of light and love around you that is being empowered and strengthened by the sound. It helps if you imagine this forcefield in the shape of a mandorla (almond shape) around you.

Ra is the Sun, Ma is the moon, Da is the Earth, Sa is infinity, and the whole mantra connects you to the Creator, to Love, and to the Essence of What is Real, True, and Sovereign. Activate your Heart and let Sound Medicine Resound through you!


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