Becoming Winged

Becoming Sovereign

Becoming Free—Together

The Helix Library is a collection of liminal art + literature, radiant keys to alchemical locks, and ancient-future tools designed to wing the mind & heart.

You want to create a creation that creates creators. Take off the chains you forged once upon a time. So you can create the one Creation that matters—


How to step into your Dream Reality, become Sovereign, embody True Wealth + Actualize your hidden potential and gorgeous destiny on the planet

Your Guide

Sarah Berti, who goes by Leaf, is a mythmaker, author and educator using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous. Her work opens doors to the higher—Wings—of the Infinite Library within us. With university degrees in both English Literature and Education, Leaf has worked in public + private schools, in outdoor + experiential education, and in leadership + transformation training. Her focus is on the internal alchemy required to shift from the smaller self to the Larger Self so that together we can create new Realities on earth for the benefit of all beings.

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Lifeforce Alchemy

Seven Metaskills to Activate Your Lifeforce and Embody True Wealth

Transform from Slave to Energetic Sovereignty to Create the Life of your Dreams

Lifeforce Alchemy Mini

This is an excerpt from our full Lifeforce Alchemy course. Upgrade to the full course at any time. Activate Lifeforce through Breath, Hara, and invoke True Wealth.

Voices, stories and landscapes reaching for a relationship with the universe and one another sourced in blood, bone and the first fire at the heart of language


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