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This page is a snapshot of forthcoming content from the Helix Library. Enjoy this teaser for now, and stay tuned for when the doors of the Helix Library open.



On the otherworldly island of Mull, the fierce MacLean clan still hold close the secret of their ancestral fire. Accused of witchcraft, the chief's daughter must come of age and unite with the power of the last ember to become Ard Bandraoi—the Fire Seer—to save her clan.

The Scourge of Scotland gives her a brutal choice: marry him and accept enslavement, or her clan will be savagely ruined and face death at the hands of the Inquisition.

Beth tries to ally with her potential saviours: a crew of woundedSpaniards and the enigmatic and haunted Captain of the destroyed Spanish Armada washed up on her shores, whom Beth knows from shining dreams emblazoned with rising hope.

Leaves From the Central Tree

Book of Short Stories

is a mythic seven-fold creation about creation. Seven Chambers combine to form a multi-dimensional story of the fall, the shadow, the quest for light, and the re-emergence into a wider story, a deeper game, a more encompassing creation.

Seven characters – a teacher, a young elf, a goddess who becomes a slave, an owl mage, an author, a seer and a hooded entity all discover what it means to "Leave an Original Creation" and why the shadow is an integral part of the whole. Seven characters – or are they one character living on seven different dimensions? – each express their fundamental selves, get caught up by the cosmic plot, and face the Ancient Enemy.

Seven Myths – each a primal blueprint, each a level in the story, each a dimension of reality – are both separate stories and yet unify as one work.

Short Stories

Legends of Babel is a exerpt from a longer work. Is it the Mage's Initiation? Is it the discovery of the Helix Library itself? Explore the metadimensional repository of books within.

Restoring the Mystery is a secret fable about the ability to leave the reptilian loops behind and create something new from the power of love.

The Owl Mage Listens to you is a story for all ages, a wonder tale of the Central Land. The Owl Mage must leave the Council at the Heart of Things and enter the Shadowlands in order to listen to the Shadow's Story


Galloping Before the Thunder

Galloping Before the Thunder explores the concept of how what we love can break us open to the wild unfathomable Mystery. It narrates a journey of falling in love and a deep human longing for intimacy and connection.

It plays with the idea that loving is an alchemical act of freedom that can both wound and wing us, and that both the expansiveness of yes and the limitations of no are part of the inexplicable experience of love.

Luminous Leaves is the collaboration of Leaf @thehelixlibrary & @NivPoet and is a wing of the Helix Library. This video is for sale as an NFT on Foundation.

"A creature once broke my heart with beautyruined my capacity to settleDestroyed my tolerance for chains"

You are the Art

This spoken word film explores the concept that self-creation is art. The way we live our lives, the way we perceive reality and the way we love—are deeply creative acts that contribute to the luminous version of our Self that we share with others.

In the Great Work of alchemy, expanding consciousness and becoming human—we are both the Artist and the Art. Let's Restore Love on the Planet. This spoken word rich media film is available to purchase as an NFT on Foundation

"An invitation to open your chestfrom the inside"

Things to do if you are the Air

Breath is the lifeforce of all creatures and in some traditions is considered the presence of soul. It animates our very existence upon this planetary home. Breath is the channel to the original source: it re-sources us. Air is the common-wealth of all beings and it unites all of us

This original spoken word poem and short film is Leaf's genesis piece exclusive to FND as a single edition and was so. HD 1920x1080. Created with @NivPoet 1/1

"Things to Do if you are the Air was nominated for the Reader's Choice Awards on Newmyths.com and will be published in their Cosmic Muse Anthology, Fall 2023


Leaf's Art is a portal to the elfhood consciousness and is a byproduct of the actual Creation. She creates art to create herself and to offer portals into interdimensional fractal concepts as well as the frequency-intelligence of Love

"The art you see or read or hear of me is merely a byproduct of the actual creation"


"The art you see or read or hear of me is merely a byproduct of the actual creation"



Song of the Deermage

Sarah Berti's poetry has been published in various print and online journals, including Reliquiae, NewMyths, Luna Arcana, Mythic Circle, RIC Journal and the Cosmic Muse anthology.

5 Poems in Reliquiae Journal

Reliquiae is a journal of landscape, nature and mythology published by Corbel Stone Press. Sarah's 5 poems were published in the Vol 9 No 1 Edition of Reliquiae Journal.

Song of the Deermage

Until the Omens Have Gone Dark

At Midnight the Coywolves

The Original Speech

Translating Gods

"Wolf I made you a song of antlers

when the moonwood comes for you wolf

I sang you a deer"

More Poems Coming Soon!

Your Fierce Signature

Sovereign Codes

Wych Pony


This page is just a teaser of forthcoming content from the Helix Library, which will be released over the coming years on this site. The Elfhood Mythos and Helix Library content spans a wide range of artistic categories, and will include art, poetry, spoken word, novels, short stories, interviews, correspondences, and other experiences and games. Enjoy these teasers for now and stay tuned for when the doors of the Helix Library open.

Sarah Berti, who goes by Leaf, is a mythmaker, author and educator using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous. Her work attempts to opens doors to the higher—Wings—of the Infinite Library within us.



A Correspondence from the Seventh Archmage

The Seventh Letter


A Correspondence from the Fifth Archmage

The Fifth Letter


A Correspondence from the Sixth Archmage

The Sixth Letter



Voices, stories and landscapes reaching for a relationship with the universe and one another sourced in blood, bone and the first fire at the heart of language


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