The Helix Library.com is a platform to share some parts of the Helix Library Mythos and the Elfhood Mythos. These collections interleave multidimensional creative content including stories, poetry, spoken word, books and novels, art, codes, curriculum and experiences that speak about what it means to become human and open consciousness to our total Selfhood.

The intent is to spark the remembrance of Selfhood and consciousness and catalyze inner genius and multi-dimensional intelligence.

We support the actualization of human potential and the manifestation of each human’s genius, talent and specialization. The realization of each human’s inner potential will set off a chain-reaction of consciousness on the planet, as each of us who are living with our full blueprint activated will catalyze others to free themselves from the coded chains of ancient mental cages, thus supporting the now occurring reality shift towards the approaching Golden Age – that is, a world in harmony.


Sarah Berti, who goes by Leaf, is a mythmaker, author and professional educator using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous. Her work opens doors to the higher—Wings—of the Infinite Library within us. With university degrees in both English Literature and Education, Leaf has worked in public + private schools, in outdoor + experiential education, and in leadership + transformation training. Her focus is on the internal alchemy required to shift from the smaller self to the Larger Self so that together we can create new Realities on earth for the benefit of all beings.

She has been creating transformative and life-enhancing curricula, courses, and programs for more than 25 years. Leaf has worked in educational and training settings her entire life, from the first time she was a camp counsellor at age 13 offering an Equestrian program at Mulmur Hills Camp. She offers transformational leadership programs and courses catalyzing self-actualization and the alchemical shift of the small self to the larger Self.

Trained in English Literature at Trent University and Outdoor and Experiential Education at Queen's University, Leaf is the former director of Mulmur Hills Camp and former co-director of Camp Prospect in Ontario, Canada. She has taught specialized courses and outdoor leadership education programs in various roles, including at Norval Outdoor School, Outward Bound, and Mansfield Outdoor Centre. Specializing in unique program design for both adults, children, teens, as well as for neurodivergent humans at summer camps, schools, and alternative educational centres, her facilitation focus has always been the intersection of nature, games, storytelling, breathwork, heart coherence, community connection, self-actualization, internal alchemy, and the Wilderness of the Real.

Leaf is a mythmaker using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous and to offer courses, curriculum and experiences designed to awaken the lifeforce within and bring others into greater versions of themselves and Realms of being, knowing, and living. She is the founder of Bright Leaf Literary and offers world-class ghostwriting and editing for novels and creative work. Her recent poetry has been published in the preeminent Reliquiae Journal, RIC Journal, Mythic Circle, and Luna Arcana, and her co-written novel with O’ran Ruadh, Embersong was published by Embersong Press in 2022 with the film rights secured by Mirthquake Productions. Her Helix Library project is a multidimensional collection of literature, games, experiences, spoken word, courses, novels, and art exploring the process of becoming human.

She can be found in Heartwood, her off-grid sanctuary in the Precambrian wilderness of Ontario, Canada, under the stars and on the rocky shores of Lake Avalon.


Offering real-life, transformational, literary and artistic content designed to awaken unity consciousness, foster conscious self-mastery, and key particular perceptions that if used like wings, can dismantle the cages we live in and free the human mind-body system from its negative precedents, patterning and programming.

Through the catalytic inspiration of the High Imagination, we offer new templates, new ways of being and perceiving, and new models of our Fundamental Selves.

We support the human family’s global shift towards a heart-centered reality, for the benefit of all beings.


We support the transformation of limitations, shadows, and challenges into new forms. New patterns, templates and models can change both personal lives as well as our collective expression.

We are here to support the shift from enslaved, limited, suppressed humans, to whole, alive, aware Sovereigns capable of supporting self and other in a planetary ecology of interacting life-forms.

We envision Earth entering the golden age within the next several generations, as each person incarnated begins to take responsibility for their share of the darkness and densities that have accumulated on the planet over millennia of conflict, polarity, war, slavery, suppression and illusion.

As each person begins to heal themselves, take responsibility for their own emotional calcifications, purify their physical bodies, cohere their emotional bodies, free their minds from negative patterns and programs, and emit kindness, love and harmony, the old systems of suppression will become open to change, re-modification, and re-organization. Each human who becomes a Sovereign Entity (however you wish to define or “name” this state) will catalyze others to reclaim their own power, and a fractal catalyzation will network across the planet.

We are here to support this shift towards a love-based world. Through Camp Heartwood Mystery and our courses, including Lifeforce Alchemy, we offer a range of unique and cutting-edge opportunities, codes and experiences that assist others to realize their own Sovereignty and de-couple themselves from the controlling aspects of the suppression matrix.

We seek to embody and connect with the intelligence that is both expansive and unifying for all of humanity – the energy most pushing the envelope of change and transformation towards new paradigms and forms of living, creating, and being that are aligned to Harmony. There is a new intelligence seating itself on our planet, and it is our active desire to align with, and assist others to align with these new fields of intelligence.

We support new forms and creations across all endeavours, structures, systems and disciplines, as we together learn to create new forms that are beneficial to all of life. We are energetically or in some cases directly assisting in the creation of new forms: of education, healing, building and architecture, community structures, language, social platforms, and many others.



Heartwood is the home of some members of the Ælven tribe (mythologically speaking) and other Sovereign humans, and will eventually be the home of Camp Heartwood Mystery. Located on an off-grid wilderness sanctuary in Ontario, Canada, it is the centre from which we are nurtured and grow.

Located at the heart of Nature and close to thousands of acres of protected wildlands, Heartwood offers space to reconnect with Plant, Animal, Earth and Elemental Intelligences as well as Earth intelligences, and it offers space for de-programming, realization, and play.

More than anything, Heartwood is a place to offer silence and space, so that we may de-activate the gravity of the suppression codes and move towards realizing the Sovereign Entity state of consciousness, which in plain-speak, is a human who has become liberated from the illusions and suppressions inflicted by mental programming. We offer space for us to become the beautiful versions of our Selves we have always longed to be.

Here we grow organic food and harvest wild edibles, meditate with the Trees and Old Turtle, form foundations, build frames, destroy them to re-build different frames, and offer healing, facilitation, education, co-creation, space and silence to ourselves and others. Here, we create forms of intelligence designed to uplift and support.

Here at the Heart of the Wood, we realize our S-elves.

Situated in the “Land Between,” the wild, rugged, and startling land on the edge of the Canadian Shield to the north, and the edge of the St.Laurence Lowlands to the south, the sanctuary and home of Heartwood is a biodiverse ecosystem that includes forests, ponds, fields and cliffs.

The ecology is highly diversified and is home to many species whom we consider our Friends and guides, including Oak, Birch, Pine, Giant Water Bug, Catfish, Dragonfly, Water Snake, Moose, Wolf, Bear, Lynx, Wildcat, Turtle, Treefrog, Nuthatch, Kingfisher, Wolverine, Raven, Chickadee, Dogbane Leaf Beetle, Racoon, Heron, and thousands more.

Heartwood is a place to reconnect with the intelligences of Earth; the spirit of the Heron, the tricky laughter of Crow, the industry of Beaver, the playfulness of Otter, the mastery of Mosquito, the alertness of Deer, the faith of Chickadee, the guardianship of Dragonfly, the embrace of Forest, and the Questing of Owl.


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