Seven Metaskills to

Inverse the Program of Slavery +

Embody True Wealth + Sovereignty

Lifeforce Alchemy is nothing less than the activation of your total Selfhood across the Seven Kingdoms within you. The alchemy is total: step out of the slavery of the old world codes of diminishment and suppression, and begin to build, breath by breath, your Destiny.

You were not invented for slavery and diminishment. You were not invented for darkness. You were created to bring forth a gift within you, to share this with the planet.

This course will give you Seven Metakeys to activate each of the Kingdoms within, through the power of lifeforce and kundalini. Become Free. Become Activated. Pulse your energy system and re-wire your Source Codes now.

When you change your energy system--you open the door to the Kingdom. Don't stay stuck in that old world of lack and suppression. Become the Sevenfold Key.

There is a Dream stuck within you. It’s time to bring it forth, for the benefit of you—and the planet.

Claim the version of you that you have always longed for. Exchange your old energy system of diminishment, survival, and lack for the new energy system of True Wealth and activated, radiant lifeforce…

…and the new world that comes with it.

Exchange the Seven Genetic Locks on your Reality with Seven Keys to Enter the Kingdom of Wealth

  • From Slavery in the Matrix — Unlock Freedom to Finally Live
  • From a Dream stuck inside you — to Restoring its Radiance
  • From a Diminished Life where you "Can't" — to being Sovereign of your Kingdom


Are you trapped in a Reality you don't want?

Are you stuck in a life you hate where you get what you DON'T want?

Get the Subconscious and your Energy System Working FOR you, not against you

Are you enslaved to someone else’s vision and working for slave wages?

Embody True Wealth, and receive riches...finally, by becoming it--in your energy system

Tired of being a Seeker of Truth and ready to be an Alchemist, transmitting the truth through your energy system, lifeforce + lightbody?

Become Master and Sovereign Emboding truth and Freedom instead of just Seeking it.

YOU are the Promise. YOU are the Key. Emit the Song-Key from your System

Are you hopping from system to system, trying to find what works to Create the Life of your Dreams, but you still haven’t done it?

Finally, something that works without wasting years on the wrong techniques: we have ZERO doubt you will do it.

Tired of the Matrix having its way with you?

Inverse the Genetic Reality Locks of the Matrix (which initially traps all of us)—to Song Keys by MIRRORING the correct Energy System

Tired of trying SO HARD to actualize your Dream Life but failing?

Learn what you are doing wrong and understand the missing Key to actualization: Lifeforce embodied


will give you the Sevenfold Key + teach you how to activate it via Lifeforce

Exchange the old reality you DON'T WANT for the one you WANT, and embody True Wealth

  • Even if you have just started the Great Work of Reality Creation, or don't even know what that means
  • Even if you are stuck in the loops of the matrix
  • Even if you think you have tried everything already
  • Even if you have trauma, health issues, financial lack, or toxic relationships
  • Whether you meditate or do yoga, or do X, Y, or Z, or whether you don't!

It doesn’t matter what you HAVE or HAVE NOT tried. There is a reason you are not transforming to Wealth and Sovereignty:

You are missing one part of Dragon's Sevenfold Key and aren’t effectively exchanging your old energy system—which keeps you locked in the old world—for the new one.

The Key to the Door to your New Reality is a Sevenfold Key that opens the Gold Treasure of Lifeforce and True Wealth within. In this course you will activate each of the Seven Kingdoms within you via Kundalini lifeforce and rewire your entire system, so you can embody Mastery and accumulate the power to Create Your Reality.

You are the Gold.

Your Guide

Sarah Berti, who goes by Leaf, has been creating life-enhancing curriculum, courses, and programs for more than 25 years. With two university degrees, one in Experiential Education, Leaf has worked in educational and training settings her entire life, from the first time she was a camp counselor at age 15 offering an Equestrian program at Mulmur Hills Camp, to designing and facilitating nature-based transformational leadership programs catalyzing self-actualization + personal alchemy. More about Leaf below in the FAQS.

When you join, you’ll receive:

Glowing Lifeforce

Which will flow radiant through your system and rewire your entire reality to align with your Deepest Dream.

Sevenfold Activation

across the Seven Kingdoms within you for total development of the human psyche, complete Selfhood, and activation of the Seven Gifts and Kingdoms within. Wheeee!

100% Certainty + Conviction

Empower your Total Sovereign to Create, Have, Receive, Master, and Be all you have dreamed for your whole life. YOU WILL BE IT. YOU WILL RECEIVE IT. Let's go.

Alchemical Power

Most people (yep, sorry) have been doing it wrong! Learn the correct tools to exchange your old default/limiting energy system, with the power of an expanded energy system glowing with LIFEFORCE

Relief, Joy and Bliss!

that you are on the right path, have a guide and ally in this course, and know your transformation is assured if you merely… do the Work! Yep, you got this, and we got you.

A magical experience of Wonder

and the balanced activation of your lifeforce and lightbody, which will give you the power you need to shift from trapped to freedom, from stuck--to Free, from poverty--to TRUE WEALTH

Embodied Wealth

Unleash lifeforce and your relationship with True Wealth will change so you can embody it within all aspects of life: Wealth in in resources, beloved relationships, health, purpose, connection to spirit, money, and material resources!

Be part of our Team: Community

Free lifetime access to the Lifeforce Alchemy tribe as long as it is live, where you can make allies, grow friendships, give and receive value, and enjoy the power of community support. Access to this network helps to activate your capacity to receive Wealth.

(please note this feature has JUST been launched so it's new! As it grows, we grow together.)


Course Syllabus

Download the course syllabus in PDF form & go through the information on your own time.

Module 7: Portalhood
Breath Mastery:
The Lightbody's Perfect Presence

Breathe: Transform from dead to alive

In Metakey 7 you will learn ancient breathwork practises of the yogis, re-vitalise your lifeforce, come alive, and reanimate your entire life. Anyone who has not yet worked with breathwork will have no concept of how massively and fundamentally this will change your life across all levels and categories. Understand how to use the power of breath for infinite things, including: to reprogram your reality, shift the nervous system from fear to peace, stimulate the pituitary and pineal gland to reset your hormonal/endocrine system to the new world, energize your intentions/creations, process stagnant emotions, and millions of other applications.

Breath Wealth will reconfigure the lifeforce and lightbody within you.

Module 6: Magehood
Mind Mastery:
The Creator's Infinite Imagination

Imagine: Transform from Conflicted to Creator

In Metakey 6 you master the creative capacity of the imagination, get the subconscious on your side, transform the mind from enemy to ally, create your Inner Kingdoms, ally with the Seven Archetypes of First Source, and apply the secrets of Reality Creation. Become the Creator and Mage and wield the stupidly huge and untapped power of your creative imagination to create in your internal world so powerfully that the wealth versions of your internal world become your dream life in your external world.

Noble Mind Wealth will give you the power to Create your Inner Kingdom, which is the foundation for your Outer Kingdom.

Module 5: Songhood
Sound Mastery:
The Song Keeper's Harmonious Vibration

Express: Transform from disharmony to Harmony

The fifth metakey will teach you the epic ancient creative + healing power of sound medicine to tune your energy system to the original harmony of Source. Sound generated by your own voice creates an energetic vibratory forcefield that upholds and sustains your inner harmony and actually protects you from negative vibrations! It is also used to manifest creations, heal the body, clear stagnant energy from your meridians and uplift the heart to presence and divine love. Wow, you are going to love this one. It is transformational.

Sound Wealth will reconfigure the “key” of your entire energy system so you can express the versions of beauty you want to be.

Module 4: Winghood
Heart Mastery:
The Heartmage's Electromagnetic Magic

Heal: Transform from instability to coherence

Most people have no idea about the electromagnetic heart. The science has shown: the heart gives off an electromagnetic torus field that when balanced and coherent, will clear repressed emotions so they don’t “interfere” with your manifestations, stablize your emotions, and give you poise and energetic coherence that also entrains others to vibratory harmony! It’s magic, but it’s also a science.

The stabilized electromagnetic heart is also a signal to your Lightbody you are ready for the new world and this stablization process begins to unwind your DNA, opening the door to the version of you living your heart’s dream, a reality that is genetically encoded within you and opens as the heart opens.

Heart Wealth will clear repressed emotions, attract the lightbody, and activate your Heart’s Dream.

Module 3: Lighthood
Energetic Mastery: The Warrior's Sun Power

Mastery: Transform from poison to Power

Metakey 3 helps us cultivate physical strength at our core, healthy electromagnetism, and the fierce and unrelenting focus of the Sun Warrior so that as a Master, what you say, becomes Reality. Draw infinite energy into your hara, the storehouse of energy in the physical body, so that you have the energy to do whatever you want to. Code the algorithm of your Dream Reality, alchemize every limitation and negativity, burn off stagnant and old energetics, and build the Sun Sovereignty within you so you are a Master of every Shadow.

Those who do not have hara power, cannot manifest or sustain the arrow shot to the goal of their Dream Life.

Sun Wealth will give you the power to create the algorithm of your reality, burn off interference patterns, and rewire the body’s victimhood or slavery—to Mastery and Sovereignty

Module 2: Gamehood
Play Mastery:
The Game Keeper’s Tantric Arts

Play: Transform from finite work to the Infinite Game

In Metakey 2 you will ripple the tantric art of Play Alchemy through your energy system with kundalini embodiment and a return to the wisdom of the Body Temple itself, through healing, pleasure, play and proper use of kundalini (sexual) energy. Activate the Avatar of the Playmage within you, the magnetic avatar who Plays the Great Game of Life with fearless creativity, and recreate a dynamic partnership with the Universe, who will support your deepest Dreams 100% once you learn how to create this relationship.

Play Wealth redefines the rules of the Great Game you want to play. Let’s go to the next level we Love, yeah?

Module 1: Sourcehood
Earth Mastery:
The Sovereign’s Earth Treasures

Resource: Transform from lack to True Wealth

In Metakey 1, magnetize material resources and wealth to you through the energetics of service to all beings. Ally with Earth to generate resources for yourself, your family and tribe, and to support the greater network of Sovereigns. Give value to the planet by sharing your unique gift in fearless service: to create a bridge for an abundant ancient-future for all earth inhabitants. As you do this your blood chemistry becomes pure and your own mythic future story of beauty becomes woven into the land. True Wealth becomes yours at all levels.

Earth Wealth is the redistribution of resources within you for the benefit of all, so you can finally embody True Wealth in your whole being.

In this course, you will:

  • Restructure Your Energy field from Slave (suppressed) to Sovereign (free)
  • Generate a Powerful Lifeforce
  • Reprogram Default negativity in the Subconscious Mind to Freedom Codes
  • Process old stagnant emotions that are holding you back and interfering with your Creations
  • Gain the Capacity to Electromagnetically Stabilize the Heart Field & Create what you Want and Love in your Life
  • Activate your Lightbody, Radiant Self, + open the Genetic Source Codes
  • Create an unbreakable relationship with the Universal Entity and be 100% supported
  • Transform poverty or lack to True Wealth
  • Activate the Appreciation Frequency to rewire your Reality Field and access Universal Support. As a sample of one of our Invocations, Download our Appreciation Invocation here!

Your Journey starts now

Lifeforce Alchemy


Limited Spots Available in this version of the course

EVERYTHING included in Silver, PLUS the following:

+ 7 email Q/A access to Leaf

+ Personalized Subconscious Creation Invocation, written by you, edited & recorded by Leaf

+ 4 Group Sessions

+ Access to private Telegram channel: receive bi-monthly affirmations + codes to Sovereignty

+ Free Access to the entire Dragonhood: Reality Riches Course when it launches (coming soon!)


Lifeforce Alchemy


7 main modules as core instructional technique lectures (over 10 hours)

7 Metakeys to Activate 7 Kingdoms within

Intro, Primer + integration modules in video format

Access to 5+ hours of audio and video materials including follow-along guides to the techniques, Invocations, and activations

Lifeforce Alchemy PDF book

Lifeforce Alchemy song album (mp3)

Access to the Lifeforce Alchemy Community



Lifeforce Alchemy


An Excerpt from our full Lifeforce Alchemy course:

3 Metakeys to Activate 3 Kingdoms within:

Core instructional technique lectures for three modules: 7:Breath Mastery, 3:Sun Mastery, 1: Earth Mastery

Intro/Primer module in video format

Module 7, 3 and 1 audio and video materials including follow-along guides to the techniques, Invocations and Activations

Module 7, 3, and 1 PDFs

Access to the Lifeforce Alchemy Community

(Upgrade to Silver or Gold at any time by paying the difference)


New! you can now buy the course,

module by module

Primer + Intro

Receive access to the Primer and Intro of the course and all videos + mp3s

Portalhood: Module 7

Receive full access to the first module of the course, which is Module 7.

Community Access

Receive access to the Lifeforce Alchemy community

Frequently asked questions

Why this course and why does it work?

Great question.

We are not offering the same tired or superficial secrets that you have found a million places online. The LIfeforce Alchemy course does not just offer concepts to feed your mind or ego with information. You can read about the law of attraction a hundred times, watch a hundred videos on X or Y, but mental concepts alone do not make change.

Working only with your mind does not create change.

Instead, changing your energy system—that creates change, and most books, courses, videos and information sets do not work with your lifeforce and energy system.

If the energy system doesn’t change—you won’t change.

We offer the techniques that actually shift your energy system, through such keys as breathwork, electromagnetic stability, emotional coherence, physiological practices from kundalini yoga, imaginative command, lifeforce vibration, and hara activation, as well as perceptual shifts along with these energy-system shifts.

The brain shifts neurology, the heart’s vision becomes the conductor of your entire system, the nervous system becomes attuned to the frequency of the lightbody, the endocrine system secretes a different set of hormones, the DNA is encouraged to activate dormant potential, and the density of your body changes.

This changes your destiny.

From negative, depressed, unhealthy, emotional, sick, sad, angry, tired — to bright, positive, aligned, harmonious, powerful, creative, capable, and confident.

Do you have a dream you have failed to create? Lifeforce Alchemy will re-orchestrate your energy field, which re-orchestrates your Life -- to that Higher Harmony.

Let’s rewire your energy field—so your Whole Self can exude vitality and empowerment and you can magnetically attract what you want.

What traditions and practices does the course draw from?

This course draws on best practices and techniques from: Kundalini Yoga, Trauma Healing, Esoteric Magic, Egyptian Alchemy, Heart Coherence Science, Neuroscience, Play Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Earth-based Practices, Pleiadian and Elven Information Sets, and many more…

to create for you a dynamic, life-changing Sevenfold Map that will activate your Seven Magics and return you to Self, Lifeforce, and through these, to the Dream you have always wanted to Create.

You can consider it a blend of metaphysics, alchemy, magehood, magic, creativity, personal development, self-mastery, consciousness and myth, all worked into modules that focus specifically on techniques to activate your lifeforce and energy system.

Why The Sevenfold Key?

And why is it "Dragon's" Sevenfold Key?

It is a well-known understanding in esoteric and consciousness communities that the universe is sevenfold. As you are a map of the cosmos in holographic form, you are sevenfold as well.

The secrets offered in this course are techniques that are specifically aligned to the seven energy centres in your body and taken together, form a powerful formula, called Dragon's Sevenfold Key

Each person's seven energy centres are (at first) inversed with negative codes and programs. They are LOCKED. They were SEALED to prevent you from your total Selfhood.

This course will bring lifeforce into the body to reverse these negative codes, inverse the Locks to Keys, and re-orchestrate the Seven Realms within you to open, so that each becomes a Kingdom of Love, Joy, and the specific powers of each Kingdom will become more increasingly your own.

The course offers powerful, effective practices that work in tandem and as a team to activate the Seven energy centres of your body to invite your Lightbody to embody your physical vessel with ever-increasing potency and power.

The power of each energy centre contributes to the power of all of them, so increasing your Secret 2 metaskill will automatically increase your Secret 5 metaskill, forming a web of interlocking, inter-dimensional power and ever increasing potency.

If you haven’t been able to fully change, perhaps you just have one or two or three of these keys, and you have activated only certain energy centres.

Your body has seven keys and you have to turn them all to become the fullness of the Lightbody and the Portal to the New World.

The Seven Keys are related on a physiological level to the seven endocrine glands of the body, and on an energetic level to the seven chakra system. These energy centres are REALMS, WORLDS, and UNIVERSES wihtin you. Each relates to incredible gifts that YOU can embody.

Yes, they were diminished, locked, and suppressed.

Let's activate and embody them--the full Sevenfold Key.

Oh, and why Dragon? The Dragon represents the Entity of the Genetic Mind, the Universal Intelligence within the Genetic Code, and the stupidly awesome power within you.

The Dragon stores the treasure in mythology. Dragon's Sevenfold Key unlocks your inner treasure of Gold, so you can become Rich and Wealth, in all ways, and share this with all beings.

Why is this course unique?

This course is specifically designed to activate your energy system, awaken your lifeforce through kundalini stimulation, create coherence in the electromagnetic field of the heart, and both ACTIVATE as well as STABILISE and ground the body using powerful techniques.

It also crosses the techniques to create hybrid techniques that are even more powerful and is mapped upon the sevenfold blueprint.

You can consider it a blend of metaphysics, alchemy, magehood, magic, creativity, personal development, self-mastery, consciousness and myth, all worked into modules that focus specifically on techniques—ie: do this and make change in your energy body— and not too much on theory (though small amounts of theory and mind-work are offered, and one module is focused on the Mind and Imagination).

It is also adapted from an actual Elven Blueprint encoded in the galactic metaphysical library, which is why it is singular and unique. This elven blueprint is called "Dragon's Sevenfold Key" and it was co-created by Leaf and mapped upon the Sevenfold energy system of the body, so that each Kingdom within you can be activated.

Dragon's Sevenfold Key is a unique magic that is also universally consistent with the Sevenfold organisation of Reality.

What is this course NOT about?


Not: A quick fix that doesn’t last

Not: Elite guru “this is the only way that will work”

Not: Overly spiritual or overly pragmatic

Not: Too much theory or "beliefs"

Not: Just “mindset” work

This is about self-mastery and bringing lifeforce into the body through techniques that shift your energy body and songkey. It's not about learning a bunch of beliefs.

It's about stimulating the Self and System to embody Love and Lifeforce. Rewiring the System to be an embodied Master.

We are not saying this is the only way to go about becoming Sovereign and Master of your life. There are many paths to Wholeness, Lightbody activation, Sovereignty, and Making the Door to your Dream Life, as well as allying with the Universal Entity.

But we are saying, with absolute certainty, that if you take this course and apply the techniques faithfully--you will become the Key to the Door.

You WILL cast off the masks and be your fundamental Self.

You WILL break the chains of slavery.

You will cast off the Suppression Framework.

You will inverse the Shadow Version and be Real.

The key to open the door to your new reality is here. It is YOU, activated with Lifeforce and Kundalini, and this course will activate you as the Sevenfold Key, humming with the utter brilliance you are.

What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of this course is to bring lifeforce into your body to re-orchestrate your entire energy system.

It is to give you the Sevenfold Key so you can, if you apply it, return your lifeforce to your body, activate your Presence and Power, transform limitations, and catalyze your Inner Master so that you Reveal and become your total Selfhood.

The process of transformation from your old self to the expanded self is known as alchemy—the Great Work.

Words like enlightenment do not work here. If you continue to apply what you learn in this course, you will be nothing less than fully transformed, a pupae to the butterfly.

You will learn to prepare your Body Temple so the lightbody descends into the purified temple and claims your human instrument, singing through it, so that you are living as soul in the material worlds.

You will be a master, a force of nature, a living blueprint of possibility, with all Source Codes activated, living your purpose as an incarnated life-form.

Will this full and total transformation happen in 2 or 3 months? No. But the Journey is long, friends, and we need to begin now, and this course will send vibratory magic singing through you to spark your energy system so it is tuned to a new Key--the Harmony of Source.

Once you have anchored the new energy system in your Body Temple, you will have the ability then to not react to life, but to Create, in ways that benefit self, and all beings.

Can a course such as this one, do all that?


Yes: we have zero doubt that if you do this course and practise the techniques, that you will transform.

But if you just read the words, it won’t change your energy system—you need to take action and DO the techniques, and you need to sustain these changes over time.

Right away you will notice shifts. Right away you will experience emotional coherence and begin shifting. You can navigate all the way by opening the Keys within and bringing Lifeforce into the body. Leverage the seven secrets you require for full activation—techniques you will need to continue to
practice and give time to, regularly.

The entire Great Work takes a lifetime—or longer. But the techniques in Lifeforce Alchemy will begin to give you results right away.

They will:

- enhance any of your current practices if you have begun the Great Work

- begin your Great Work if you haven’t begun

- begin to positively shift your physiology, mental capabilities and powers, body health, emotional health, spiritual stability, visionary creativity, and life purpose

-prepare you for the descent of your lightbody into your Body Temple and connect you to your greatest allies, powers, and resources--both within and without.

--Make the Key to your New World. You are the Key: lets shift the energy system within you.

Let's go, Team.

Should I take this course if I expect a quick fix?

No. Please, don’t.

You will gain understanding, insight, and revelation right away and there WILL be immediate shifts in your energy system, even within 3 minutes of doing just one of the techniques!

You will shift immediately as you practise. You will change, open, reveal, heal, clear stagnancies, and open to kundalini and lifeforce. You will feel it. You will know it. And the more you practise, the more you will rewire and shift your system.

Within 3 minutes of doing a technique you will notice a shift. Within 21 days of doing the techniques regularly you will notice larger changes in your energy field and life.

Within 31 days, even more shifts as you work to vibrate on an entirely new "key" (that of Love).

However, please consider that it takes longer than a week to permanently change your energy field and to step into your genetic destiny, which is the purpose of this course if the teachings are applied consistently and over time.

You will need to consistently apply the techniques taught in this course to anchor the new energy system in your mind, emotions, body, and life, over a period of time.

It’s pretty hard to illuminate every shadow and heal every lifetime wound and become a multimillionaire within a month! Though some absolutely can and have done that, and could with this course depending on how much energy they put in and how willing they are to release the old, for most of us, the process of change requires the element of time and baby steps work best for most of us, as our systems slowly change, step by step, over the course of hours, days, weeks and months, slowly becoming more capable of holding the light, the radiant version of us, and the Dream Life opens its doors.

We step through.

This is a balanced approach.

This is Real Alchemy, initiates. We are preparing your physical body for the return of your lightbody—your soul—and that naturally takes a bit of time and work.

The Great Work.

The lightbody and the physical body have vibrations that at first—repel one another. That’s okay, we will draw them together as we rewire your system and make your Body Temple a harmonious Place for the Lightbody to enter. But at first they are oil and water and don’t mix. So we slowly make these changes.

Sorry, but you can’t just swallow a pill. You have to do the Work, and Time is an element in the Equation.

But...enough time has been wasted, stuck in that old world and fear-dominated narrative that diminishes us and suppresses our lifeforce. It has chained us to a suppressive framework that constricts our True Selves and True Wealth.

And most people don't understand how to fully engage in this multidimensional process.

We can guide you, humbly, on the Way. The Way is your own, but this course is a massively helpful tool and it will be a seriously good guide.

Let’s go. Activate your lifeforce through the Seven Keys.

Why does changing my energy field matter?

Because your energy field is what creates, attracts, and modifies your life experience. It's the vibratory "Key" that determines at which Level of Reality you are living at.

If you are vibrating a negative or default "key", you live in a world you don't want.

You vibrate fear.

You vibrate suppression and diminishment.

You vibrate to the old program of lack and survival.

You vibrate to the "can'ts," the "no's," the limitations.

You vibrate to energetic and financial lack or poverty.

You vibrate to being stuck and trapped in the old world.

If you learn to vibrate with lifeforce, that is an energetic Key that is a vibratory force. You live in a totally different world when you embody Lifeforce.

Your energy system (degree of Lifeforce within you) creates your world and Kingdom.

It’s not merely your thoughts, emotions, subconscious, or actions, but rather their total energy field that creates your experience.

This includes all other elements in your energy field, including your lightbody, your subtle bodies, your physical body, what you eat, what you consume, your mind, your emotions—all parts of your energy system.

Your entire energy system is your vibratory field, and this field, for most people is stagnant, dead or barely alive, diminished, suppressed, weak, and ineffectual.

That creates a life that is not so fun, and full of exhaustion, survival, and all your deep magic is locked inside you.

The energy field can become vibrant and glowing with electromagnetic magic, where you attract the life experience you want to live because your energy system is emitting that vibratory energy field.

Changing your energy field changes your experience.

Aligning your energy field with the world you want to live in—the expansive world of true wealth and your activated Presence—will allow you to live it and claim it.

How do I know if this course is for me?

Trust what you are in resonance with. If you feel in resonance with Leaf and the energy field of this course, good. We welcome your contributions to our community and we offer the course as a beautiful tool you can use.

Do you find your existence a struggle, boring, fake, wanting, full of suffering, insane, exhausting, like you are missing something, or otherwise not enough?

Tired of living in prisons? In a matrix of lies? Or do you just feel as though you have a Dream trapped inside you but you haven’t been able to bring it forth? Untapped potential within you?

Exhausted from walking dead-end streets leading you back to where you started like you’re stuck on the same level in some bad, endless computer game?

Sick of trudging back to the same place of work to make not even a living wage for someone else’s vision?

We don’t blame you.

Look, The Helix Library, and this course, Lifeforce Alchemy, has one curriculum: the destruction of the Reality Stories that enslave you, and the construction of the ones that will free you.

Using the seven metakeys in this course, you will learn to inverse the codes that imprison you into codes of freedom by reconfiguring your entire energy system.

This is for you if you want to live the life you've always dreamed of, take your place in the wider community of Sovereigns and kin, connect in a 100% unshakeable relationship with the Universe, and become LIBERATED from the chains of the default programming that limits you.

If you want to live your dream and become Sovereign, this course is for you. Do the Work and you will rise, friends.

Are these times apocalyptic?

Don’t be fooled: we are already inside the apocalypse, it’s not some future explosion: we are in it.

Apocalypse just means “revealing” and it is a time of great change on our planet, where old structures are destroyed and new ones must…somehow…emerge.

To survive this time we need to take off the armour of our small selves and put on the new clothes of our empowered, enlightened identity.

A snake must shed its old skin, or die.

The planet needs you to become free, because then you are a Creator and can assist the planet in these apocalyptic times—instead of being a consumer and one who is controlled by others or by fear narratives.

We’ve been enslaved to other people’s visions long enough. Come on. Let’s become Masters and make our own vibrant realities aligned with Love, Sovereignty, and Togetherness.

You are the future leader of humanity. We need you. The world needs you. You have a responsibility to actualize, to become all you can be.

Becoming Real. Becoming Whole. Becoming Alive. Becoming your Fundamental Self. Realizing your Genius.

From chains to empowerment.

From slave to Sovereign.

Welcome, to the Liberation Operation.

Why haven’t I already managed to change?

Many people are doing the wrongs things, not sustaining the correct techniques over time, giving up when challenges come to greet them, or collapsing back into their old patterns and habits.

Many are not working with the Sevenfold Map of metakeys and thus may be missing an element or dimension of their total Key.

They often aren’t shifting their lifeforce by activating and infusing it with energy. And they often don’t realize they need to strengthen their hara to make any transformation they try—stick. Hara power is often sorely overlooked in most people’s attempts to transform and without it, we can’t become Sovereign/Masters.

This course addresses all of that, working on giving you hara power so your intentions can manifest and you have the endurance to face the shadows along the path. It gives you a balanced approach across the Seven Kingdoms within you so we are not leaving out a whole Kingdom--speaking directly to your multidimensionality. And it activates lifeforce within you, which begins to rewire your nervous system, physiology, physical system, emotional system, and mental system to a higher vibratory key.

You also will stabilize your electromagnetic field with the practice of heart coherence, which creates electromagnetic coherence in your torus field, and emotional balance.

A little known secret is that this embodied emotional coherence signals the lightbody to approach you and as it intensifies its presence more vibrantly in your fields, this begins to unwind your DNA so you can step through the higher portals of possibility and change.

Many people do try really hard to change, but change is not effectual from just the desire, we need the understanding of how to shift our energy systems to emit vibratory harmony and love, and how to radiate lifeforce from every cell.

Become electromagnetic magic. Become a vibrant force of change and love. Become the version of yourself glowing with light--the Avatar you have always known you could be.

Who is Leaf?

Trained in English Literature at Trent University and Outdoor and Experiential Education at Queen's University, Sarah Berti, who goes by Leaf, is the former director of Mulmur Hills Camp and co-director of Camp Prospect in Ontario, Canada. She has directed specialized courses and outdoor education programmes in various roles, including at Norval Outdoor School and Mansfield Outdoor Centre.

Specializing in program design for both adults, children, teens, as well as for neurodivergent humans at summer camps, schools, and alternative educational centres, her facilitation focus has always been the intersection of games, storytelling, breathwork, heart coherence, self-actualization, internal alchemy, reality creation, and the wilderness of the Real.

Leaf is a mythmaker using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous and to offer courses, curriculum and experiences designed to awaken the lifeforce within and bring others into greater versions of themselves and Realms of being, knowing, and living.

She is the founder of Bright Leaf Literary and offers world-class ghostwriting and editing for novels and creative work. Her recent poetry has been published in Reliquiae Journal, RIC Journal, Mythic Circle, and Luna Arcana, and her co-written novel Embersongs was published in 2022 with the film rights sold. Her Helix Library project is a multidimensional collection of literature, games, experiences, spoken word, courses, novels, and art exploring the process of becoming human and free from the suppression systems.

Leaf’s personal transformation from the old energy system to the new was an epic journey in which she was tested at Seven Gates for decades and challenged to transform massive limitations connected with this old energy system.

She is now an ally to those also performing the Great Work of Becoming Human. Not as a Teacher, but as a Guide, as a Friend and Ally and as someone who has walked through Hell, and offers Tools for others on the Journey and a guiding Lantern through the Dark Underworld of the Old Energy System and the Shadows we must transmute into greater forms.

She can be found in Heartwood, her off-grid sanctuary in the Precambrian wilderness of Ontario, Canada, under the stars and on the shores of Lake Avalon.

Is this course the only way to step into the New World?

Of course not.

There are a million paths and ways.

This course is a guide for those who are in resonance.

It is also for those who are trying to juggle a million things -- caring for an aging parent, starting a buisness, raising children, keeping up with our health, making the time to make proper healthy meals, mundane tasks like cleaning, shopping and paying bills, and a million other things-- our own art, pursuits, and hobbies.

You may not have 20 years of time to dig through all of the research and information available from Mystery Schools, from scientific articles, and piece it all together. It takes time and study.

But you don't have to.

You can spend 20 years researching esoteric information sets, the neuroplasticity of the brain, spiritual science, the psychology of changing the nervous system and healing trauma, the science of vibratory fields and mantra, the practices of the Masters, and a million other information sets.

Yes, you can do it all on your own, if that's what you want.

But...hey...we want to streamline, guide, and accelerate the process.

This course is a harmonious guide aligned with the cosmos within you and the teachings in it are grounded, real, and vibrating with power and harmony.

We know that for anyone aligned, this course will work. It will guide you through and set you up so you can change your energy system. You don't need to search for "what do to" -- you just need to do it.

If you are in resonance, we are honoured to walk the path together.

Video Training

Want to know more about why you need to change your energy system to step into the new world?

Join the free training to learn How To Open the Genetic Door to your Dream Reality, Become Sovereign, Embody True Wealth, and Actualise your Secret Treasury and Destiny.

In this video, you will learn:

  • The Seven Locks Preventing you from Entering the New World
  • The Essential Secret you are missing and Why you haven't bee able to Transform
  • How Dragon's Sevenfold Key turns the Reality Lock to open the Long awaited Door to your Dream Reality

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